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Precision Adjusting Equipment

Over the past three decades, various adjusting instruments have been developed to assist Doctors of Chiropractic in delivering adjustments to individual joints of the body. The PulStarFRAS is a state of the art computerized system which can both analyze and adjust with scientific accuracy. This type of adjustment allows for a specific and targeted force to the segment being adjusted, with controlled and repeatable depth and speed. This allows the doctor to give precision adjustments to the elderly or pediatric patients, as well as large mass patients such as those who are overweight or have considerable muscle mass. The PulStarFRAS can select the impulse rate frequency automatically based on the response of the patient, or the doctor can make selections individually. This high tech equipment was developed by Sense Technology, Inc. who continues to do research on an ongoing basis. The sensor which analyzes the spine prior to the adjustment is a highly specialized and modified version of a sensor used in the aerospace industry to detect metal fatigue. Come in and experience the results of this amazing modern technology.